60 strategies for boosting profits

Today I’ve published my new guide listing 60 different strategies businesses can employ to increase their profits. Check it out on the Resources page here. The list is intended to act as an inspirational starting point, helping business leaders and change practitioners to think about their business and which areas might have potential for increasing… Read More »60 strategies for boosting profits

Identifying waste in professional services processes

Lean methodology grew from the world of manufacturing, where processes are nicely repeatable, with few branching paths and where it’s generally obvious if things have gone according to plan. Machinery often handles the complex or fiddly bits. Professional services industries such as law may seem like they have little in common with that world. In… Read More »Identifying waste in professional services processes

5 key reasons to use a business analyst consultant

In this post, I’ll examine some of the main advantages of using a business analyst consultant, and how this can help your organisation tackle change initiatives more effectively and efficiently. For the last couple of decades, business analysts have typically provided their services through one of two models: as a salaried employee, or as a… Read More »5 key reasons to use a business analyst consultant

Business analysts can help you build your “new normal”

Over the last few months, organisations have found themselves putting in place stop-gap and workaround measures to deal with the challenges presented by Covid-19. As leaders look to the future, they will want to design and implement “new normal” ways of doing things. The new world could look very different: Customer behaviours, expectations and demand… Read More »Business analysts can help you build your “new normal”

Planning BA activity

Business analysts generally have a handful of change initiatives on the go at any one time. If we’re lucky, we’re able to manage the peaks and troughs of demand between them, so we’re neither over-worked nor twiddling our thumbs. To ensure we’re effectively utilised – and so change initiatives are delivered in timely fashion –… Read More »Planning BA activity