Ethics in business analysis

Business ethics have featured in the news quite a bit recently: companies ignoring employment laws, legal loopholes being found to work around tax rules, environmental damage, political donations and conflicts of interests… the list goes on. Being deeply involved in major change initiatives, those working in business analysis will often find themselves presented with ethical… Read More »Ethics in business analysis

Looking back at 2021

Suddenly Christmas is almost upon us and 2021 is almost over! It’s truly been a year of new and exciting challenges and opportunities… I’ve pushed the boundaries of my introverted tendencies and become an event host! The Business Solutions Squad was set up earlier this year by me and Martin Simmons at Redvespa. In a… Read More »Looking back at 2021

Improving requirements validation

When performing requirements validation activities, you need to know: That the requirements you’ve documented are accurate. That the requirements you’ve documented are complete. Only your stakeholders can help you be sure of this. Circulating a 100-page document, asking for their feedback, and then waiting for the helpful responses to flood in is not an effective… Read More »Improving requirements validation

Process performance scoring

In any process improvement initiative, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Targeting your efforts based on process performance helps you understand what’s working, what needs addressing, and what themes and common issues are at play. Measuring process performance has grown over the years into an entire industry and field of study –… Read More »Process performance scoring

2020: analysing my year

Better Business Analysis has now been up and running as a limited company for half a year! I have an accountant, a logo, and a website. 2020 has been a rollercoaster, particularly in the uncertainty that a global pandemic and an economic downturn bring. There have of course been numerous highs and lows along the… Read More »2020: analysing my year